Three Things You Need To Succeed On Craigslist

right Millions of people use Craigslist. There are millions of sellers and millions of buyers. There are many who are neither buyers nor sellers but are associated with the site, either directly or indirectly. There are many success stories on the site. Some people have amassed a mini fortune with their spoils on the site. Some people have not managed to make any headway as far as sales are concerned. What is it that differentiates the success stories from the not so successful ones?

Without delving into any case study or a thesis, here are three things that you need to succeed on Craigslist.

Honesty & Fair Pricing

Honesty is treasured on sites like Craigslist. You have to understand that it is a site which typically has two individuals at two ends of the internet trying to engage in a transaction. The site is not a place for hyped commercials or blatant claims without any purposed delivery on the promises. If a person doesn’t offer something that is believable or is being hyped up then the community will seldom be interested in it. There is enough wisdom in public domain to avoid tall claims. People don’t usually fall for what is too good to be true. Also, fair pricing is always valued more than anything else. One of the reasons why Craigslist has become such a phenomenon of present times is because people get good deals. If you want to make money overnight by selling overpriced stuffs then you can be certain of one outcome. You will perhaps crack a sale or two but that will be it.

Unique Presentation

The second thing you need to succeed on Craigslist posting is a unique presentation. You may be selling the same product that thousands of people are selling. What will make a difference is the presentation. If your ad stands out, if it manages to draw the attention of a section of the visitors then you can be certain of doing well.

Craigslist Posting Service

What you will also need to succeed is Craigslist posting service. When you hire a professional Craigslist poster, you can post the same ad repeatedly, keep the ad on top of a category and have more exposure than what you would have otherwise. Besides, you will enjoy automated posts, round the clock monitoring and reports which will document the activity on your ads.

How To Make Your Ad Standout On Craigslist

rightCraigslist is not just one of the most popular sites in America; it is also one of the busiest. With millions of ads in hundreds of completely different categories, with more than a billion page views any given month and thousands of new ads every few hours, there is very little room for peace on the site. Amidst the frantic activity, among the innumerable ads and beating the nerve-wracking competition, you have to make your ad visible and it should draw enough attention for you to get some responses, hoping that some of those responses progress through to the eventual closing phases.

Craigslist has changed the way people advertised and traded but what has become difficult for many is standing out in such a crowded marketplace. Your ad needs to standout on Craigslist. That is the only way you will succeed.
The first step to endorse and execute to make your ad standout is to make your proposition unique.  You cannot offer the same thing in the same manner as everyone else is doing and expect the audience to pay special attention to your post. Unless you have a really outstanding craigslist post ad created, something different to offer or the same thing to offer in a different way, people will not pause and pay heed. They will browse through and will spare a glance but that is it. If you want people to pause and take a good look at your ad then you need to induce some level of uniqueness.

You can come up with unique ads if you do some research. You will not have a completely unique product to offer. There will be others with possibly the same product. But your presentation can be different. If a product has five unique selling points and most people have focused on the first three then you can easily focus on the fourth and the fifth unique selling point and draw the attention of the audience. Once you have managed to get some attention then you can get into details of all the unique selling points and satiate the visitor or prospective buyer in all regards.

You can get a Craigslist poster or hire a professional Craigslist posting service to achieve this. It may sound a tad too easy but the secret to standout lies in the quality of your Craigslist posting. It is not what you have to offer but how you offer it that makes the difference.

Tips To Succeed On Craigslist

rightMastering anything requires time and a great deal of knowledge. If you wish to succeed on Craigslist, want to crack more sales and generate generous amounts of revenue or profit then you need to master the art and science of Post on Craigslist . You may hire a Craigslist poster, may offer some very affordable prices or may invest all your effort to make your ad standout. Beyond those obvious requisites, you will need to focus on the less obvious elements as well.

• You must always engage in smart Craigslist posting. Don’t just post at any time of the day. Find out at what time your target audience will be online. You can easily do this with a bit of research. If you post your ads at the time of the day when your target audience, the kind of people who will check for ads like yours, will be online, then you will have your ad posted right on top or on the first page when they check out the category. This will enhance the likelihood of your sales. In reality, there is an exponentially greater chance of selling something if an ad is right on top and not at the bottom of the tenth page in a certain category.

• You should hire a Craigslist posting service that will post your ads repeatedly so it remains at the forefront as we found out is doing. The moment your ad gets lost in the piles of old ads, it will become a little irrelevant and the chances of it being noticed will reduce dramatically.

• You must always have a very appealing heading. Don’t go for questions or try something absolutely abstract that doesn’t have any relevance with the type of product or service. Be adventurous, be unique but you must not be out of the world or out of the reckoning with your choice of words.

• You should always have a very appealing image. It must be relevant and must be convincing. You can buy images or use an original image. Don’t just go with any random image. It should be of good enough quality to attract your target audience.

• Price plays a very important role. Too low a price will disinterest people and too high a price will never generate a buzz. Be fair and be smart with your pricing. Do your homework, find out market prices and then price your product or service bearing in mind the affordability of your target audience.